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This is your FINAL NOTICE if you paid a $10.00 deposit for a recycling bin from Fruth.  If this applies to you, you have the following two options:  1) Mark your recycling bin(s) with your Unit # and drop it off at the clubhouse garage (in front of the door, to the right side) or 2) Do nothing and simply keep the recycling container indefinitely.  Either way, all recycling containers must be returned to the clubhouse by May 31, 2015 in order to receive your $10.00 reimbursement in the form of a credit placed on your account.  If you previously dropped off your bin at the clubhouse but would rather keep it than receive this credit, please notify Brandi at KareCondo before June 1, 2015.  As of June 1, all Fruth recycle bins will be collected from the clubhouse, and the appropriate accounts will be credited.  If you didn’t mark your unit number on your bin(s), you will NOT be refunded.
Please note that dumpster behind the clubhouse (inside the gate) belongs to the lawn maintenance vendor, Turfscape, and may ONLY be used by Turfscape for landscape debris.  Turfscape was recently charged for contamination fees for trash (that someone put in the dumpster) being mixed in with their landscape debris. 
Likewise, the large, green River Valley container is for recycling PAPER items ONLY.  The Association recently had to pay Kimble to empty River Valley’s container due to the amount of trash that was dumped in it (which contaminates the paper meant for recycling).  

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